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All of my programs are carefully tailored with your theater or school with LOTS of ways to collaborate.
David Gonzalez

AUTHOR'S VISIT with David Gonzalez Working Together with You

Great stories for all read with dynamic presence. Illustrated books, short stories, poetry, and theatrical monologues
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David Gonzalez

SPELLBOUND Virtually-LIVE Storytelling Working Together with You at your theater or school.

An in-theater, or in-school storytelling performance with specific connection to YOUR COMMUNITY. Through a collaborative process we work together to create an intimate arts experience with real-time/real-people touches. Choose from a wide range of options including; Maddog and Me, Aesop Bops!, Cuentos: Tales from the Latino World, Finding North, MytholoJazz, Witches, Trolls and Mischiefmakers … and more.
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STORYTELLING WORKSHOP SERIES Working Together with You at your theater or school.

An Artful, Useful, and Joyful virtuall-LIVE workshop series that will guide you from Once Upon a Time all the way to Forever After.
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Great stories, poems and monologues come alive with expert readings.

Tailored with YOU

David Gonzalez

Virtually-LIVE Storytelling

Tailored with YOU

at your theater or school.

There’s nothing like live storytelling!

THE FOUR RIVERS Storytelling Series

Tailored with YOU

Learn how to tell a great tale.

“With speech, sound, mime, dance, and, above all, inspired imagination, Mr. Gonzalez has the gift of creating magical worlds and drawing his audience into them.”

New York Times

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