The Effects of Gravity

A performance forging art and science; imagery and sound; inquiry and imagination

The Effects of Gravity tells the story of our cosmic origins—the formation of the universe, galaxies, stars, planets, our solar system, and our planet— from both scientific and poetic perspectives. The performance is richly illustrated with animated computer graphics and astronomical images brought to life by a live, blazingly virtuosic electric guitar score and original poetry that embraces the vastness, complexity, and beauty of the cosmos and our efforts to understand it. At this historic juncture where the James Webb Space Telescope and other observatories are bringing us stunning images, and where science, regrettably, is under attack, we are pleased to offer The Effects of Gravity as an artful, fact-filled multi-media performance that celebrates the human quest for understanding as it speaks for planetary stewardship.

A show for audiences who gaze at the stars and wonder, who have questions and seek knowledge, and who know that science and art are expressions of the same basic human impulse to explore. Be prepared to have your mind blown, your heart opened, your eyes widened, and your ears treated to sounds they’ve never imagined before.

Represented by:
Edward Schoelwer / Red Shell Mgmt
eschoelwer@redshellmgmt.org / (646) 495-1564

The Effects Of Gravity: A Cosmic Journey, Cosmology & Art, Alvaro Domene, Luke Keller, David Gonzalez, Science Festivals, Public Science, Astrophysics

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